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A (59) container MOUT Village

GTI Fabrication specializes in the design and fabrication of Military Operations Urban Terrain (MOUT) training courses and villages. GTI completed a (59) container MOUT Village located at the Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL. The scope of the project included removing existing containers that were outdated, remediating the land on which the old containers were installed, grating the land, installing a gravel road system, fabrication of (59) individual shipping containers, installation of the new (59) containers, and commission of the entire site for training readiness.

GTI also designed the layout of the training village to best mimic real-time combat training.

The (59) containers were fabricated and installed to create various structures of the village. Such structures consisted of city hall, auto garage, a school, police station, firehouse, single and multi-container residences, shops, and a courthouse.

Multi-story structures were also implemented in the design of this MOUT Village. GTI achieved this by stacking container up to 3 containers high. Stairway systems were also implemented in order to get to the very top levels of each multi-story structure. Throughout all phases of this job, GTI implemented our ISO 9001 quality control plan in order to provide top quality solutions for the United States Air Force.

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GTI completed a (59) container MOUT Village located at the Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL.

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