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Cost-effective industrial containers are customizable to your specifications. High in value and convenience, these enclosures offer a wide array of modifications, including HVAC units, shelving, locking mechanisms, insulation, entry doors, electrical, and more.

Industrial Container Builds

GTI Fabrication remains a proven leader in modular containerized solutions, delivering quality you can trust. 100% Made in America, our 10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot industrial builds deliver unmatched versatility.

Electrical Enclosures

GTI Fabrication offers cost-effective, protective electrical enclosures. Customizable, modular containers are modified to meet your specifications. Built to last and maximizing usable space, our containers are designed to withstand the advanced loads and demanding environments of industrial and commercial applications while providing ease-of-use, installation, and management. Flexible configurations evolve with expanding needs while trimming the initial investment. Whatever your requirements, contact GTI Fabrication at (716) 205-1326 for dedicated customer service and uncompromising quality.

Water Pump Enclosures

GTI Fabrication customizes water pump enclosures to suit. Entirely American made, our products are manufactured and modified to achieve your unique requirements. Take advantage of a secure, protective enclosure for your water pump to avoid needless exposure to harsh weather and wear and tear. This affordable investment pays for itself in equipment efficiency, reliability, and extended longevity. No matter where your pump is located, we provide the ideal solution, designed to your specifications and built quickly.

Generator Enclosures

GTI Fabrication provides protection for your generator. We create customized enclosures to maximize equipment security, reliability, and longevity. Our containers offer the ideal operating environment and eliminate damage from harsh weather conditions. We further modify to suit, offering such features as circuit breakers, automatic transfer switches, and fuel tanks. Built off-site, turnaround for completion is quick, according to your specifications, and at competitive prices. GTI Fabrication is here to eliminate challenges and deliver effective and sustainable solutions.

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Work We've Done

Check out some of the clients we've worked with in the past and take an in depth look at the projects we took on with them along with the final results!

United States Air Force

GTI completed a (59) container MOUT Village located at the Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL.

United States Navy

Supplied multiple range locations with various AR500 shooting targets, associated target stands, and hanging equipment.

Deployed Resources

Provided manufacturing assistance of purpose built, containerized showers, toilets, laundry and living units.

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