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Our prefabricated rapidly deployed hospitals are constructed from ISO certified 40’x8′ shipping containers.

Built to CDC standards, our modular hospitals are delivered to locations turnkey and equipped with proper HVAC, insulation, electrical infrastructure, hospital grade wall and ceiling panels, and HEPA filtration.


Designed to be able to expand as demanded, the modular design of our hospitals can accommodate any size expansion necessary during times of need. We can get started on your build immediately if you call (716) 205-1326 today.


All building materials used meet the latest CDC and hospital grade standards. Proper HEPA filtration and HVAC are used to keep the environment at a hospital grade standard of temperature, humidity, and filtration to better combat the spread of any diseases.


Our hospitals are constructed in our 120,000 square foot production facility located in Buffalo, NY. The hospital units are then shipped to the desired location fully equipped with HVAC, electrical, filtration, etc. and connected on site to make for a larger footprint.


Our ready-built hospitals will save not only costs but time as well when compared to a traditional stick built hospital expansion. Our prefabricated hospitals can arrive and be assembled on site and ready for use in as little as 2-6 weeks depending on the scope of the project.

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Work We've Done

Check out some of the clients we've worked with in the past and take an in depth look at the projects we took on with them along with the final results!

United States Air Force

GTI completed a (59) container MOUT Village located at the Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL.

Defense Logistics Agency

GTI most recently completed a (246) container project for the Defense
Logistics Agency.

Deployed Resources

Provided manufacturing assistance of purpose built, containerized showers, toilets, laundry and living units.

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