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GTI Fabrication is where you source the best potential of modular buildings for commercial, industrial, and DOD applications. Located in Buffalo, New York, we’ve focused our resources, experience, and unique skills on creating ideal modular containerized solutions, customized to specifications and perfect for a broad range of industries.

A team of more than fifty professionals represents fabrication, engineering, government, and military expertise and ensures very concentrated, helpful, and personalized customer service. Whether you’re looking into the cost-savings, durability, versatility, quick turnaround, or efficiency of a modular structure, we offer facilities for bathroom/showers, disaster relief, manufacturing capabilities, water treatment and so much more.

GTI Fabrication encourages you to reach out to us to discuss your plans, goals, and specific requirements. Let us help you navigate the many opportunities and features to achieve a flawless end result. Some of the many benefits of our adaptable, modular shipping containers include:

  • Turnaround- Manufacturing of modules off-site allows site work such as excavating and grading to be completed simultaneously and trim weeks, possibly even months off the achievement of a finished result.
  • Integrity – Our modular structures are 100% Made in America and manufactured with precision down to the last detail. Because every aspect is just about completed prior to arrival, there is less finishing to do, fewer problems, and a smoother process.
  • Avoid waste – With specialized tools, materials, and equipment readily available in our factory, we not only streamline the process but reduce wasted material.
  • Reduced labor – Our efficiency of construction requires fewer man-hours, supporting unmatched expediency and affordability.
  • Cost assurance – We don’t need to estimate the cost of materials. We’ve assembled everything we’ll need ahead of time and are totally prepared to move forward and provide an exact price.
  • Less risk – Enclosed in our factory, our workers aren’t subjected to heat, humidity, wind, rain, snow, slippery surfaces, heights, or other risky situations.
  • No delays – With conventional construction, there are all sorts of potential delays. When you work with GTI Fabrication, weather and other outside factors don’t impact our completion times.
  • Duplicate design – We offer repeatable processes for those facilities that require duplicate modular setups.
  • Customizable – Maybe one of the best perks of our design process is the ability to adapt so many factors to your specific requirements.
  • Minimized site disturbance – Handling most of the construction off-site eliminates noise, dirt, and the disruption of big machinery.
    Eco-friendly materials – We utilize environmentally responsible materials to achieve amazing durability against the most brutal weather conditions.
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Work We've Done

Check out some of the clients we've worked with in the past and take an in depth look at the projects we took on with them along with the final results!

Deployed Resources

Provided manufacturing assistance of purpose built, containerized showers, toilets, laundry and living units.

United States Air Force

GTI completed a (59) container MOUT Village located at the Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL.

United States Navy

Supplied multiple range locations with various AR500 shooting targets, associated target stands, and hanging equipment.

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